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Shielding and Protection

Shielding and Protection

OCTOBER 12, 2014 
Article by Ananya Sen

Hi everyone! Today I am going to talk about methods of shielding your aura and protection for yourself and for your loved ones. We will also understand why we need to shield, what are we shielding ourselves from and what happens if we do not shield and ask for protection.

Firstly, why do we need to shield? We need to shield because we are at a high vibration. As Reiki practitioners we are channels of positive energy and we need to keep that energy in our beings at all times. Even if we do self-healing or distance healing every day, we need to ask the divine to shield us during the day. It protects us from all negative energy, people, places and situations.

Now what happens if we do not shield? You will get drained throughout the day. Suppose you’re travelling by a bus and there are twenty people who are not of the same vibration as you. Guess what, they will unknowingly pull energy from your aura. You will feel drained or tired or have body ache throughout the day. Reiki tends to flow to people and places that need healing or are lower in vibration. Energy flows from a higher to a lower level. You as a Reiki practitioner are at a higher level and Reiki will start flowing from you to surrounding lower vibrations.

Ways to shield
Before you get out of bed in the morning ask the angels to shield you throughout the day. Simply affirm 3 times “Angels please shield me in a white cloud throughout the day.” You’re done! Additionally, shield your loved ones, your home and your vehicle the same way. It is intention that matters.
You can visualize the white cloud around the person or object you want to shield. Those of you who use the purple pyramid to shield, can continue with that. White and purple are divine colors and have protection properties.

What happens when you’re shielded? Your aura is intact and repels negative thoughts and energy. Your shield even keeps your own thoughts positive and we all know that our own thoughts are devilish sometimes! As we go about our day, our shield starts weakening. That’s because you are interacting with many people and situations during the day.
These interactions may not be physical. Even if you’re talking over the phone or mail throughout the day the energy or thoughts of that person remain with you. You will realize this as you will keep thinking about the conversation or that person. In that case refresh your shield the same way as you did in the morning. Whether you are a Reiki channel or not shielding and asking for protection is important. Keep your energy high!

Ananya Sen
Ananya is a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified in Magnified Healing as Master Teacher. She is a Karmic Reiki Master and also specializes in Akashic Records. She is highly Aura sensitive and gifted with strong Clair cognizant abilities. She lives in Bangalore, India.

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