Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Power Animal!

This morning I decided to draw a card from my new deck of Power Animal Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer, and look what I drew!  This regal cat is actually one of my power animals and I never knew it was all about following your passion.  This rings so true for me because I am following my passion!  I have been walking the path of a healer for over 5 years now and each day I feel in my bones that I must continue on this path until the day I take my last breath.

Are there obstacles on my path?  Yes, of course, it was never meant to be easy.  Are there days that I doubt?  Yes, there are, but I know that is my fear based ego talking.  Are there days when I ask myself, who am I to think I can help anyone?  Yes, yes and yes there are.  Then I ask myself, who am I not to help those who are in need and ask me for help?  There are many who believe in me and many I have helped.  More than anything, I try to help people believe in themselves, and to learn at a deep level that they can heal.  After all, we heal ourselves.  The Reiki practitioner or any energy healer only opens the channels in a person's body and soul to allow them to heal.  Healing is a natural state for the body.  We practitioners are a channel for the healing energy from source  - our Creator.

So yes, I am following my passion.  Some days I feel like I'm really sticking my neck out into the public for ridicule, and I suppose I am.  It has been a challenge at times, but so worth making myself vulnerable.  If we never take the risk, we seldom reap the rewards life has to offer us.  I do believe I have been walking this path all my life as I had many important lessons to learn along the way to where I stand today.  They were difficult lessons, but they didn't destroy me, they strengthened me.  At last, I am comfortable in my own skin and feel at home and at peace.  I am exactly where I belong.  Thanks to all of you for allowing me to be who I am, without judgement or ridicule.  I offer the same for you - unconditional love.  I hope each of you will allow yourselves to follow your passion, whatever it may be!  Bon voyage!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The April Reike Circle was wonderful.  We had some awesome healing energy flowing among us.  I felt so uplifted afterward.  If you haven't been able to get there yet, please give it a try soon.  You will certainly enjoy the experience.  Even the folks that have never tried Reiki or any form of energy healing are really "getting it".