Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Monkey - Really???

Was I ever surprised to draw this card a few minutes ago. That was before I began to read about what the monkey stands for. It is all about flexibility. It has sometimes been my nature to stay in a rigid frame of mind - I see either right or wrong. Some things are just that, but with a second look, many things are not. When a situation calls for my adaptability and innovation, I must be more aware of different ways to approach it. Nothing is impossible, there are just times when I have to do something else or approach the situation from another direction before I can complete the desired task or get the expected results.  This also takes patience. How many times do we run out of that?  We always have to deal with the circumstances at hand, whether we like them or not.  Be intuitive in solving the problem or task at hand.  If one method fails, look for another way to accomplish the needed results. There are usually many options, but we must get creative to discover them. Approaching life and its many challenges in this way can allow our our lives to move in a much more fluid fashion and make room for the tiny miracles to occur. We can all use more miracles each day and if we look hard enough, that dark cloud just may have a silver lining. Each challenge we face is an opportunity to grow and learn. I don't want to miss a single one.